Button Boutonnieres

Button Boutonnieres

 The men don't get left outof a wedding (even though in most cases the bride does most of the planning) with the Lissylane button boutonnieres. As the name suggests these boutonnieres or buttonholes as some call them are made from buttons, so therefore they have a much more masculine look than your typical flower corsage worn by the groom and his groomsmen.

Who Wears Boutonnieres?

Generally boutonnieres are worn by the groom, groomsmen (including the best man) and the father of the bride and groom. This can of course also be extended to the male grandparents if you like and if there are step-fathers as well. I like to make them a little more custom by changing the ribbon colour to distinguish between who is who in the bridal party. For example, it is nice for the groom to wear a different coloured button boutonniere to the groomsmen. Likewise it is nice to make the best-man's boutonniere/buttonhole different from the other groomsmen.

How are the Boutonnieres Made?

The button boutonnieres are made using stacked buttons in the wedding colour scheme, arranged in a set of three with green, pre-bought leaves. I like to use green coloured floral wire to attach the buttons and green leaves, arranging them appropriately and proportionally. The boutonnieres are made in a similar way to the button stem flowers as far as the method goes, but they tend to have a focal point of a larger button stack, then a medium and small stack of buttons to complement each other. 

Satin ribbon in matching colours can be used to wrap the stems and boutonnieres are attached to the men's coats with a floral pin. All materials are available at craft stores.

The boutonnieres can be arranged in soft colours to match the bridal bouquets or more made masculine with dark and defined buttons for a handsome look to complement any felt flower wedding accessories.