Bridal Party To Do

Confirm the Bridal Party’s To Do List

200244599-010It is not only the bride and her suppliers that are required to keep track of their roles and duties on the wedding day but also the wedding bridal party and all other helpers.

From those involved in the bridal party itself to perhaps someone doing a reading or organising the music to the people performing the readings at the wedding ceremony, all involved in your big day need to know the running list of events for the day.

Before your big day ensure that everyone involved including the bridesmaids and grooms-men, know exactly what is required of them and where they have to be. In most cases, those of importance with be shown their duties and get a chance to practice their roles at the official wedding rehearsal (more on this event will be discussed in detail during a future article), however there will be others that will not be a part of this event.

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Planning the perfect wedding comes back to the checking and double checking of every single aspect of the day. This ensures the wedding will run smoothly and hopefully without any hiccups. Never assume that everyone knows exactly what their “job” is.

From the biggest to the smallest of responsibilities, ensure nothing is forgotten. One week out from the wedding the Lissylane Check-list discusses in further detail about confirming all roles and responsibilities, check this article for more information on these tasks.

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