Decorations & Extras

Decide on Wedding Decorations for your Wedding Ceremony & Reception You may be thinking that you are becoming more and more prepared for your big day. This is correct, however there are a few things that you may like to consider and that is wedding decorations to truly display yours and your fiancée’s wedding style….

Wedding Hair and Makeup

Search for a Wedding Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist An important part of your wedding day is looking your best – all eyes will of course be on the bride. As part of this you may decide to find a hair and make-up artist to pamper you and get you ready for your big day….

Wedding Flowers and Alternatives

Search for Wedding Flowers or Alternatives for the Bridal Party   When deciding on bouquets for you and your bridal party try to think outside the square. We all know that there are fresh flowers available for a bouquet. If that is what you like then really all you need to do is find a florist and…

Wedding Styles

Deciding the Style of the Wedding When you think about wedding style the terms formal, semi-formal and informal often come to mind. These terms often are the foundations to a wedding style, theme and type. A wedding theme is often decided based on these wedding terms (formal, semi-formal & informal) and will become a constant…