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Pack Luggage for Honeymoon

packingAs the wedding day grows near, so does your honeymoon! And like any other holiday you need to be prepared and have your luggage packed and ready to go.

Packing your luggage for your honeymoon is even more important than any other holiday as you will be extremely busy leading up to the wedding day. Preparation is key to ensuring you have everything you need for your trip to be successful. The last thing you want is to be forgetting important items all because you rushed your packing at the last minute.

Now of course you won’t be able to pack everything you need, as there will always been items such as toiletries that will be needed right up until the last minute. To make life easier you may wish to make a list of these last items so that you can tick them off as you pack them immediately before you leave for your honeymoon.

What Will You Need? snorkle

Depending on where you are travelling to for your honeymoon will vary what you need to take with you. You will of course need some of the basics that you need on every holiday such as hats, sunscreen and good walking shoes.

There are also speciality items like swimming gear (a couple swim suits/togs each is advisable so you always have a dry pair to wear) if going to the beach or your resort location has a pool, likewise ski gear if heading to the snow.


Of course climate will have a huge impact on the clothing and accessories that you will require, but remember this is not just any holiday, it is your honeymoon! lingerie

Why not spice it up a little and make your time together as husband and wife on your honeymoon a little more special by taking some special lingerie with you.

Most brides like to buy some special pieces of lingerie for their wedding night but also don’t forget something special to wear on the honeymoon.

Happy Snapscamera

You will want to look back on your honeymoon for years to come, so a camera is a must have item. Make sure that you have charged the camera completely, have batteries with you or the power supply to charge the camera.

If it is a digital camera you intend to take ensure that you have a large memory card to store all those wonderful photos you will take and not run out of room. Alternatively take plenty of film that you will require.

underwater_cameraConsider purchasing a disposable underwater camera if your honeymoon includes snorkelling or cruises to relieve the fear of damaging your camera by getting it wet or sandy. Plus underwater photos add a special touch along side the everyday happy snaps that you may normally take.

It may sound a bit OTT but think about taking a mini tripod with you as well. You will of course want to take photos together and it does become quite frustrating having to ask complete strangers to do this for you. A camera timer, along with a tripod means you can take as many photos as you like together as a couple, rather than having plenty of photos individually.

Overseas Travellerscurrency

If your honeymoon is overseas do plenty of research to find out all the differences between the countries you are travelling between. Power adapters may be required depending on the location of travel.

Also research your financial needs and currency conversions, either taking the money you need with you or ensuring the easiest way to access funds while on your honeymoon.

Paperwork and Travel Documents

Gather all of your paperwork and travel documents along with packing your luggage. Have all the information and contact numbers you require for your accommodation.

If travelling overseas for your honeymoon, ensure you carry all documentation you require with you, especially your passport and personal identification information. taxi

You will most likely be depending on the public transport, taxi or shuttle services when you arrive at your destination.

Be sure to know exactly where you are going and all address details of where you are staying so as a tourist you are not taken advantage of by the locals.

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