Wedding Planning

Will you plan the wedding yourself, or use a wedding planner?Wedding Shopping & Planning

When it comes to planning a wedding there really are only two options. You can either put the time into planning the wedding yourself, sourcing all the suppliers, getting quotes and following through with the collection of all the wedding bits and pieces. Or you could hire a professional wedding planner to do the leg work for you and take advantage of their years of experience at planning weddings. Whichever you choose will depend on your circumstances, the time available and your budget.

Planning the Wedding Yourself

If you decide that you want to plan the wedding yourself the Lissylane wedding checklist will become a great help and tool to you, after all that’s why I’m putting this information together. Many brides decide to plan their own wedding as they have dreamt about their perfect wedding for years and years. They would hate to miss out on the excitement of doing it themselves. You also have the freedom to research and use the best supplier for your budget. Often wedding planners will have set suppliers that they deal with, generally very good at what they do, just not the most affordable. It does mean that you may have to spend time shopping around to get the best deal but if you have the time, then why not. Plus it is the perfect excuse to hit the shops!

Planning the wedding yourself also means that you can DIY as much or as little as you like, this can in turn save you money that you may not have been able to if using a wedding planner. Wedding planners do have years of experience, but do not let this discourage you. There are plenty of online resources to help you with the tough questions that may pop up along the way, not to mention your bridal party, friends and family ready to support you.

Married women in your life are always a great source of advice and knowledge, you will be surprised at what they have to share. Planning a wedding is a very hands on experience and in most cases can be extremely stressful, just remember that there is always that special someone to turn to for help and support. Yes, your future husband! It may shock you but most males really want to have an opinion about the wedding, after all it is their big day to. They may not care about the colour of your shoes or the bridesmaids dresses, but they will have suggestions, so listen to them and let them share in this wonderful planning experience.

Wedding PlannerUsing a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a big job and can often take a lot of time and effort. It is for this very reason that some people choose to use a professional wedding planner.

A wedding planner will take your ideas and incorporate them into the plans for your big day, along with suggesting options for the entire process and finding suppliers. Basically by hiring a wedding planner the hard work is done, other than giving the final go ahead to all of the creative ideas they may suggest along the way.

Do remember however, that for this convenience you will incur large fees for using their professional services. If you do not have the time to dedicate to this extremely important and time consuming “job” then this might be the answer for you.