Confirm RSVPs

Confirm RSVPs and Numbers with the Venue

By now, four weeks out from your wedding day, you should have all of your wedding invitation RSVPs returned and have an accurate guest list. If not, all outstanding RSVPs need to be contacted and their status confirmed.

All RSVPs Accounted For200344881-001

By no means does this suggest that your guest list will not change again before your wedding day; anything can and will happen!

There are many reasons why a guest may have to change their RSVP at the last minute. As frustrating as this can be, try to be understanding of your wedding guests situation. There can be a multitude of reason why someone may not be able to attend your wedding day.

Yes, your wedding day is very important however it does not mean that something important to your guest may interfere with their original “yes” or “no” to attending your big day.

Confirm with your Wedding Venues 6538-000165

Use the information you have gathered from your guests RSVPs to confirm the final numbers of wedding guests with your venues.

You will find that all wedding venues are very much aware that this number can change right up to the last minute and in most cases will be very understanding of this.