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Wedding Organiser – Track Your Wedding Ideas and Planning

Keeping a track of all your wedding plans, ideas and inspiration is very important. No matter where you find inspiration, make sure you keep all your ideas together so that you can look back and know where you found them.

I suggest that at the start of your wedding planning and especially before you get into the wedding style side of the planning to start a wedding organiser or scrapbook of some sort.

There are plenty of options for keeping your ideas in one place and it will depend how you plan to do your research.

wedding foldersOnline Wedding Planning – Keep Organised

Even if you are using the Internet to get the majority of your ideas you should set up a collection of folders on your computer to save images and files with notes. Write down every website you find with details of what you found, what you might use it for, how much it costs, contact and company information for where to get it. Even if it is just an image it might give you inspiration for a DIY project. You may only like a certain part of the image, be sure to note why you kept it, as a month or two later you may think “why was I holding onto this image?”

wedding organiserShopping with Your Wedding Organiser – Record Everything

You will most likely find that you not only use the Internet to plan your wedding and get ideas but also go into many stores, make sure you take your organiser and make notes of prices and items that take your fancy.

Again, be sure to write down where you saw what and their contact details if you decide to go back and buy the item. Your wedding organiser can and should contain everything you do related to your wedding, from your budget and guest list to all your wedding shopping information.

Having tabs that divide the sections of your wedding organiser will make it easy to reference and keep a track of your ideas, for example a tab designated to the wedding cake and another for the wedding dress.

Wedding Style Boards

A wedding style board is also something you might like to either add to your organiser or have separate to combine your favourite wedding styles and show everything together. You can do a couple of these throughout the wedding planning.

The first style board is often the ideas to help you decide on the colours and styles you like best and want to have for your wedding (interior designers use this process all the time; style boards can be used for various elements in your life, not just wedding planning).

The next style board most brides will complete is of all the chosen ideas, the dress, shoes, bridesmaids dresses, suits, colours, to see how it all goes together and to see if all the various parts of the wedding works well with each other. You may love two things individually, but they may not always work well together. This is important in deciding on each element of the wedding as a whole, it should all come together, looking united and well planned.

Inspirational Images for Your Wedding Planning

Your wedding organiser should contain plenty of images, so make sure when you see something that you like either online, wedding magazines, where ever it might be, to print or cut it out and put it in your organiser as inspiration. Get lots of ideas and investigate what suits your wedding style the best. Take a look at the Lissylane Pinterest for Inspirational Images and ideas to create your dream wedding.

To give you an idea of creating a wedding style board I have put together one from my wedding planning. Remember you can either do an actual board with printed images from the computer and magazines, with fabric samples etc, or digitally using Pinterest or similar to what I have done below and just put all the images together on the computer.


style board

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