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chanceFinalise All Other Items and Book Everything

This may seem obvious but it should be said – Don’t leave it to chance!

Now is the time to finalise all other items that you have decided on to enhance your wedding style and ensure that everything is booked. Making confirmation calls to check the details and determine that you have not missed anything important.

Every wedding is different, so there is no way to say what the “other items” might be. We all have different ideas for our weddings and that’s what is special about them, no two are the same. From remembering a loved one that has passed to cry packs and the order of service, there are many extras that are optional inclusions to your wedding day.

pending_crisisA week out from the wedding it is advisable to again make some phone calls to confirm your suppliers are still on track and everything is going to plan (this is discussed later in the Lissylane Wedding Check-list).

Confirmation at this point of the planning it is more for your own piece of mind and getting in early enough to avert any pending crisis that may be on the horizon.

No matter how many times you go over the details with a supplier it is better to be safe than sorry. Check and double check to be certain of the desired result on your big day.

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