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Suit Fittings & Matching Wedding Accessoriesgroom in mirror

The men are just as important as the girls when planning a wedding, however getting their suits fitted and selecting the matching accessories is luckily not as complicated. Once you have selected suitable formal wear the biggest decision is choosing a colour for the vests and accessories (tie/fat-boy/handkerchief). The colour you will select will often match the grooms men to a bridesmaid. If you have different coloured bridesmaids dresses, pair up your bridal party and pick the appropriate vest colours.

There are not as many accessories for males at a wedding, the main one of these is the cuff-links. Cuff-links are basically the male version of jewellery and are the way you can personalise each member of your bridal party.

Why not take a look at the Lissylane Pinterest, full of inspirational images of Men’s Formal Wear including wedding suits and cuff-links.

suit fittingFit the Suit Perfectly to the Groom and Grooms-men

No matter if you decide you will buy, hire or have the suit made, it is the retailers job to ensure the suit is fitted perfectly to the groom and his grooms-men. What makes a suit perfect and look its best is a well fitting suit. So ensure you have the men fitted well in advance before the wedding day, and then again right beforehand for any final alterations. As long as they are measured correctly the suits should not be too tight or loose, the groom and grooms-men will look just right on the big day.

Like the girls the guys also have to be comfortable in what they are wearing. It may be a formal occasion, however there are many factors that can change the comfort level of the groom and bridal party, climate is just one of these.

Depending on if you are having a summer or winter wedding, you may have to alter the attire for the men. Wearing a full suit, vest, shirt, and accessories on a scorching hot summers day will be very uncomfortable for the men. Likewise, they should be dress appropriately for the style of wedding, just as a bride should for a beach, garden or indoor wedding ceremony. If wearing a suit puts the groom completely out of his comfort zone, then you may even discuss having a very relaxed style for the men and not have suit jackets for example.

Selecting the right suit is much the same as it is for females choosing a dress. A male should make sure that they take their body shape into consideration when selecting a style. Short, stocky males that are well built should opt for a tuxedo jacket, while short, slender figures should wear a single breasted jacket. The length of the jacket should also be selected based on the height of the groom and grooms-men. Try some different styles and see what looks best, like selecting a wedding dress there is no golden rule for finding the perfect option.

Vests and Accessories for the Groom and Grooms-mengroom in wedding suit

Black, Navy, Brown, Fawn and White with options of pinstripe; as far as colours and types go, there really are not that many options for the suit itself, that is why the selection of vests and accessories becomes so important. There are generally some different patterns to choose from for the vests, however the main decision is the colour.

As mentioned before, it is a matter of matching and coordinating with the bride and bridesmaids dresses with the men and using your wedding colours and theme to decide what is best. These same colours will follow through to the ties or fat-boy (whatever you decide), and pocket handkerchief.

cufflinksThe guys do have a couple options for changing up a plain suit and that’s by adding some accessories such as a cane, hat or top hat. The boutonnière will also bring out some wonderful colour in the overall look of the grooms-men, also helping to define them from the guests as an attendant.

Cuff-links are another accessory that can personalise the suits and make the grooms-men individuals. There are some fantastic novelty cuff-links that can highlight a favourite activity of the men such as fishing or car racing. Special bridal cuff-links that have “groom,” “grooms-men,” best man,” father of the bride,” father of the groom,” etc are a wonderful keepsake for all of those involved to remember your wedding day and the part they played.

mens shoesShoes (just as they are for women) need to be comfortable as the men will be spending most of the day on their feet as well. The shoes should be a good fit and preferably a pair that the men own themselves and are worn in.

If they do chose to wear existing shoes they own then ensure they are polished and are looking like new on the wedding day. New shoes or hire shoes can hurt and cause blisters after a long day of standing in an unfamiliar pair of shoes. If the groom and grooms-men don’t have a nice pair of suitable and matching dress shoes then they may opt to purchase a new pair rather than hire as they can then wear them in (same as the bride and bridesmaids) prior to the wedding day.