Wedding Music and OOS

Select Wedding Music and Complete the Order Of Service

Wedding MusicThe wedding music is not only for the reception but also as part of the wedding ceremony. Depending on how traditional your wedding will be will vary the songs and music you select for the ceremony.

Some churches and venues will only allow a certain type of music to be played at a wedding, be sure to check this with your minister or celebrant before planning your wedding music.

Other important aspects of your wedding such as finalising the readings, hymns and master of ceremony should be completed at this stage. This will allow you to finalise the order of service if you decide to have one for your big day.

Music for the Wedding Ceremony

Pre-wedding Music (Prelude)

One of the most important songs on your wedding day is the song you will walk down the aisle to, however do not forget the other important moments. Generally you should plan for approximately 30 minutes of music to be played in the background as guests arrive. This will act as filler music from the time your guests begin to arrive, to the brides arrival at the ceremony.

These songs may be selected because they mean something to you as a couple or they suit the theme and wedding style. No matter what songs are selected they will set the mood and theme for the rest of the wedding, so pick carefully.

Walking Down the Aisle (Processional)Processional

This is your big moment, your entrance as a bride and the moment your husband to be sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. Needless to say this moment is priceless and should be made to be as perfect as possible.

The song you select for your processional will set the tone for the wedding and will bring back the memory of this wonderful moment every time you hear it in the future.

This song should be something special for you both, be sure to discuss this song with your fiancée as he will want an opinion on this as well. Pick a song that reflects what this moment means for you both and how you feel about each other.

If you decide to go with tradition then perhaps Canon in D Minor is just what you have been looking for as your processional. Don’t forget the age old tradition of “Here Comes the Bride” as a lovely option played on a piano or harp.

You may also like to select a song or songs for your Bridesmaids and Grooms-men to walk down the aisle to that sets them apart from your big moment. Modern versions of a processional are becoming more and more unique in every way, from the music used to even the bridal party dancing down the aisle. Why not make your day special in every way?

HINT: Listen to the song you select as your processional many times prior to your wedding day to hopefully avoid tears on the day.

86530711Signing the Register

Generally songs are selected for the signing of the register to break the silence and the time that it takes for the official part of the wedding to take place. Ensure you have enough music for this or even loop the one song so there is no break or sudden silences. This can be an instrumental or again a song that means something to you both as a couple.

This is similar to a Unity Candle song where applicable to the ceremony – played as background music while the candle lighting and ceremony takes place.

Walking Up the Aisle (Recessional)

This is a song selected to celebrate the joining of the couple, a song that should be happy and express your joy for being married at last. Perhaps a happy and upbeat song would suit, or something a touch more mellow for a traditional wedding.

Music for the Wedding Receptiondv1439024

The wedding reception music will again reflect your wedding style and personalities by selecting a range of your favourite songs and those that are special to you both.

The bulk of the play list for your reception will be these favourite songs, however there are some moments that you may like to select particular songs for. These include some of the following:

Announcements (entering reception)

First Dance / Bridal Waltz

Father Daughter Dance

Mother Son Dance

Family Dance

Bridal Party Dance

Cutting of the Cake

Bouquet Toss

Garter Throw


Wedding Order Of Service

An order of service is not completely necessary but it is recommended if you are having a very traditional wedding service, especially a religious one with elements that not all guests will be familiar with. The main reason for including an order of service in your wedding may be to make the necessary thank yous for the important people involved in your wedding day or perhaps for the hymn lyrics for guests to sing along.

No matter what the reason you decide to have an order of service, now is the time that you can finally finish all the details. By this point all readings, hymns and music should be organised and the minister or celebrant aware of the proceedings for the wedding service.

oos_smallAn order of service is primarily a booklet, although it can come in many shapes and forms with many contemporary designs and new ideas to make for a unique keepsake from your wedding day. A multi purpose order of service can be one designed as a hand fan or paddle fan to not only show the listing of proceedings for the wedding but keep your guests cool on a warm day – great for garden weddings.

A frequent question is “what is included in the order of service and in what order?” This all depends on the individual wedding, however you can include as much or as little as you like. Some brides and grooms even decide to write their vows for guest to follow along during the wedding ceremony, although it has been said that others are against this as they prefer guests pay attention to them as they say the vows and not be reading them instead.

Generally speaking an order of service is simply a list of the wedding ceremony events from start to finish. The cover usually contains the bride and grooms name, the wedding date & time, plus the venue of the wedding ceremony. In no particular order (as every wedding is different) the following is a list of the elements usually contained in a wedding order of service:

  • Names of the Bride and Grooms Parents and the Names and Roles of the Bridal Party
  • Prelude
  • Processional (with song title and artist)
  • Words of Welcome
  • Pledge of Support
  • Scripture Reading (passage and name of attendant performing the reading)
  • Hymn (name of hymn, written by and performed by) – the words can also be included where desired for guests to sing along
  • Declaration of Intent
  • The Marriage Vows
  • The Exchange of Rings
  • Blessing & Prayer
  • Proclamation of Marriage
  • Signing of the Register (with song title and artist)
  • Introduction of the Couple
  • Recessional (with song title and artist)
  • Special Thanks (for example: the minister, readings, hymn, welcome & usher, video, etc)
  • Instructions of what to do after the Ceremony and location of next events, for example Toast to the Bride and Groom to follow…etc.

A general thank you to guests and other important people can be included. Any special ceremonial events should be included as well such has hand fastening or unity candle ceremonies. This is also a nice location to remember those in your family that may have passed that could not be with you on the day to celebrate your marriage. Anything that you find important can be included in the order of service for your wedding day.

The above is only a guide and will vary depending on the type of service you are having.