Wedding Night

distanceWedding Dressing Rooms

When it comes to preparing and glamming up for your big day, both the bride and groom need a dressing room for not only themselves but the remainder of the bridal party and parents.

The location of these dressing areas on your wedding day will become very important. They should not only be somewhere you will both feel comfortable but also within a reasonable distance to the ceremony venue.

Consider the space you have available, the facilities you will require to be relaxed and comfortable and the overall décor of the home for your wedding photographs.

Preparing for the Wedding at Homefamily_home

As the bride and groom generally do not see each other until the ceremony itself, the bride and groom usually prepare for the wedding in separate locations.

If your home or parents of the bride or grooms home are within reasonable proximity to the wedding ceremony venue then these may be the ideal option.

It is often sentimental to the bride and groom to prepare for their wedding in their childhood homes. However there often is the possibility that none of these are close enough to allow for travel time on the wedding day.

dressing_roomDressing Rooms at the Ceremony Venue

Don’t despair, there are plenty of other options such as the ceremony venue itself!

Many venues will generally offer dressing rooms for a reasonable charge for the bride and groom to use on their wedding day.

This can also make life easy and a less of a rush to get ready on a deadline. hotel_lobby

Hotel Rooms for Wedding Dressing Rooms

The use of a hotel/motel room can also be a wonderful way to have the necessary space to prepare for the wedding.

Many hotel foyers can be the perfect photo opportunities and make wonderful back drops for the professional photographs of the bride before the ceremony.

Is there Enough Space in the Wedding Dressing Room?dessing_room_space

The size of your bridal party should be taken into consideration when organising rooms for the wedding day preparations. The last thing you want is for people to be tripping over one another.

Space is a must for a large bridal party, as it will not only be the bride and bridesmaids that will be prepared in the room. In addition there should be sufficient space for the mother of the bride, flower girls and any service personnel required (e.g. hair and make-up artists) to prepare comfortably.

wedding_dress_photoDoes the Wedding Dressing Room have the Required Facilities?

Ensure the rooms have all the facilities required for both hair and make-up to be completed.

Not forgetting the necessary facilities to keep the bride and groom cool and collected on their wedding day.

Air conditioning is a must if getting married in Summer, and likewise room temperature control for the cooler months.

Also ensure there is a way to keep all the wedding bouquets looking their best if using fresh flowers.

Do Not Forget! – More Tips for Selecting the Perfect Dressing Room

groomBe aware if the bride and groom decide to get ready for the wedding in the same venue, precautions should be taken to avoid them seeing each other before the ceremony – after all it is bad luck!

Ensure there is sufficient time to allow all the wedding clothes and accessories to be ready and waiting, and that nothing is forgotten!

The professional photographer will in most cases take photos of the wedding dress and the brides other accessories prior to her putting them on, so there should be somewhere suitable for this to take place.

Likewise it is necessary for both of the areas to be kept as tidy as possible as photos will be taken while the bride and groom get dressed.

Plan and Book Wedding Night AccommodationHotel_Room

If you are intend to stay elsewhere other than your home on your wedding night you will need to organise sufficient accommodation.

This is fairly straight forward, simply book an appropriate hotel or bed and breakfast, etc for the night of the wedding well in advance.

Also remember to pack an over night bag for you both to change out of your wedding clothing for the next day.

wedding_night If you have booked a hotel room for the above dressing room arrangements for the wedding day, you may choose to extend the booking.

Why not book one of the “dressing rooms” for an extra night to cover your wedding night accommodation as well.