Wedding Transport

Transport_and_ArrivalDecide the Transport for Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day you will need to arrange some sort of transportation to travel in between venues and where the bride, groom and bridal party are getting dressed. Transport may also be required if you are having a variety of location shots for your wedding photography.

Wedding transport can be as simple as a friend or family members vehicle to hiring speciality vehicles such as limousines or vintage cars. There are also some very unique ways to arrive at the ceremony and will often depend on its location. For example arriving in a golf buggy when the wedding ceremony is held at a golf course can be a popular mode of transport.

Size of the Vehicle to Suit the Bridal PartySize_of_Bridal_Party

The type of vehicle you use in most cases will vary depending on the size of the bridal party you have to transport. Generally the groom and his grooms men will travel to the ceremony early so they are there well in advance of the bride. This makes it possible to use the same vehicle to transport the bride and bridesmaids depending on the time frame and distance between locations.

The mother and father of the bride generally also travel with the bride and should be considered when organising transportation.

Wedding Budget for Transportation

Hire_CompanyWedding Car Hire Company

Budget will also determine what type and how many vehicles to have as your wedding transport. The cost of some transport can range up into the thousands of dollars, therefore a great deal of thought should be put into the best option for your wedding budget.

If hiring a vehicle via a wedding hire company, they often offer additional extras, so it is best to see what is included in package deals as there maybe unnecessary inclusions you are paying for but do not need.

You will also need to determine the hire time required in hours of use if you plan to hire a vehicle, this includes the travel time and any waiting time during the ceremony.

Car Enthusiast & Car Club HireCar_Club_Hire_Car

You will find that many private persons hire out their speciality vehicles for wedding and formal occasions at a charge. This is a great way to get a more unique vehicle for your big day rather than the standard hire cars available from larger organisations. Contacting local car clubs can be a great way of getting in touch with the right people.

Their cars are their pride and joy and will in the majority of cases also be the driver of the vehicle for the day. This is one large difference between hire companies and a private person, you generally have the option to select your own driver with a hire company (with some exclusions depending on the vehicle and company).

Car_RibbonBorrowed Wedding Car & Driver

By simply dressing up a friend or family members car using white or cream car ribbons can often be enough to display that it is a wedding car on its way to the destination. This will of course save you money, however remember that you will require a driver.

The selected driver will be required to be with you instead of waiting as a guest at the ceremony and also may miss out on other parts of the wedding plans if you require them during the photo session.

Select someone carefully and ensure they are well organised with both directions to all locations, you wouldn’t want the bride getting lost on the way to her own wedding!

Suit Your Wedding Style with Unique Wedding Vehicles

Your wedding transport may also reflect the style of wedding, for example a horse and carriage for a fairytale princess themed wedding or vintage cars for a vintage theme. You may however feel that no-one will actually see you arrive at the ceremony therefore the car is not all that important.

Aside from the standard options there are also quite a few unique ideas, so think outside the square and select a vehicle based on you and your fiancée’s personalities. Fire engines, golf buggies, hummer limos and ice cream vans just to name a few.